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Testicular Cancer:

Men should be instructed to self exam testicles on a monthly basis to discover new and growing nodules. Women have been educated to screen themselves for breast cancer by  regular self examination. In exactly the same way men can discover a testicular malignancy early and with prompt attention minimize the effects of the cancer.

"Testicular Pain"

(1) Caused by testicular torsion: This is a very severe testicular pain that comes on within minutes and is unremitting. It is an emergency that requires attention immediately.

(2) Epididymitis: is an inflammation of the epididymis which is a structure attached to the back of the testicle. The pain associated with this starts gradually and is described more as a throbbing ache. The tissue attached to the back of the testicle is very tender. This discomfort may go on for days. The treatment is based on clinical diagnosis and not on laboratory values. An appropriate antibiotic and a non-steroid anti-inflammatory medication should be used for a minimum of two weeks. In younger men this is the most common cause of testicular pain

(3) Acute prostatitis: is an inflammation of the prostate gland and presents with pain that feels like it is at the base of the penis. Like epididymitis it is a gnawing ache. With acute protatitis there may also be some difficulty with urination presenting as a difficulty in starting or stopping the urine stream. The treatment in this case is an antibiotic that is effective in the urinary system and an anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling. Again the treatment has to be at least 2 weeks in duration and is more like 4 to 6 weeks for good resolution.


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