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Hormone Replacement Therapy

The good things:

It can improve calcium absorption and bone strength. It can relieve menopausal symptoms. It may help to deal with very difficult depression in females.

The very bad things:

It is absolutely contraindicated in females with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer or endometrial or uterine cancer or with a strong family history of the same. It is contraindicated in females with clotting disorders or previous history of deep vein thrombosis. In 2003-4 several studies indicated that estrogen combined with progesterone increased cardiac risk factors in females rather than offered protection. This sent convulsions through the HRT industry that have not completely resolved.

The bad things:

It requires medication for life. There is a minor weight gain of 3 to 5  pounds.

The necessary things:

Regular breast examination and mammography and bimanual pelvic examination is obligatory. For true  bone protection, daily calcium supplement and regular vitamin D intake along with regular exercise of the large muscles of the body are essential complements of the therapy. For cardiovascular protection the other cardiac risk factors such as smoking, hypertension, obesity and diabetes must simultaneously be addressed. For female refractory depression there must be concomitant usage of an appropriate antidepressant and psychotherapy.

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