Coronary Artery Disease
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Coronary artery disease affects the patency  or internal diameter of the arteries that supply heart muscle with blood and oxygen. Lack of nutrients to the heart muscle results in severe pain, angina, and if the deficiency in oxygen is prolonged permanent damage to the muscle, myocardial infarction or " heart attack ".

Risk Factors:

There are major risk factors in the development of coronary artery disease. Six out of seven of these risks can be controlled or avoided while the seventh, genetic background is unavoidable.

The avoidable or controllable factors are:

Smoking: Stop, stop, and stop

Diabetes: Diabetic diet, insulin, oral hypoglycemic

Hypertension: Low salt diet, anti-hypertension pills

Lipid Abnormalities: Low fat, low cholesterol diet

Obesity: Low calorie diet, physical exercise

Sedentary lifestyle: Do something physical

These factors are additive and cumulative. The more you have of them and the longer you have them, the greater the chance that you will experience coronary artery disease.

The targets for modifying these factors are our children.

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