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Absolutely everything in the human age group from 12 to 20 years changes too rapidly. It is also a period of stubborn questioning. Questions like " What is normal?", " What is beautiful?", "What is good/bad?" are terribly complicated and asked frequently. The questions are difficult enough when asked about physical growth and appearance but increase in complexity exponentially when asked about behaviour. Parents should not expect their kids to ask these questions directly and should be prepared to identify what the question really is when the appearance or behaviour changes. What question is your 13 year old daughter asking when she forces herself to throw up after each meal? It is certainly  not "Do I have an eating disorder?". It could be partially a variation on "What is beautiful?".

The Communication Media is answering questions including the above constantly. Parents have to compete to answer the appropriate questions and they have to ask one extra question of themselves: "What is love?". The answer to the love question is all tied up with the expectations you have of your children, the boundaries you give them and the reward and punishment structure you implement.



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